Campus Lifestyle

It's all about choices.  UA resources are here to help.

Healthy Sleep Habits
Getting enough sleep is hard – but the benefits are worth it.
red cup
Red Cup Q&A
Separating alcohol fact from fiction, one student question at a time.
Wondering how many cheeseburgers you drank this past weekend? E-check up to go has the answer, along with personalized feedback on your alcohol use, all in 15 minutes or less.
Always informative and even a little entertaining, SexTalk answers student questions on sex and relationships. Since 1995.
Sexual Health
From STD testing and sexual health education to contraception options and Free Condom Fridays. 
STD Testing on Campus
Know your body, know the signs and symptoms and know your resources to get checked out.
UA Safe and Drug Free Campus
Check out what the UA is doing to promote the health and safety of everyone in our campus community.
Work/Life Support
Provides employees with information and guidance about flexible work arrangements and work place trends.
Mindfulness at UA
Explore campus resources to help you be fully engaged to promote your health and well-being.